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ZEBRA AD is shareholder in two joint ventures with leading European companies, which have passed a vote of confidence in the experience and the abilities of Zebra’s management and staff. In 1996, ZEBRA AD and the Italian company “S.I.S.A.S. Segnaletica” have entered into a joint venture “S.I.S.A.S. Zebra International” for the production of rubber-made products for horizontal road marking.
Established 1980, the Italian firm “S.I.S.A.S. Segnaletica” is one of the worldwide leading companies in the traffic signals market. The basic task of the firm is to assure the highest quality and to reach the level of experience and knowledge that will make it possible to best satisfy the needs of its customers. By using the expertise of its highly trained personnel, the management of “S.I.S.A.S. Segnaletica” takes advantage of all new technologies developed for different phases of the manufacturing process - from production to shipment, and from research to the creation of new products. During the last several years, the company often received awards for its high quality products.

ZEBRA AD owns 43.25 % of the shares of the joint venture. The production facilities of “S.I.S.A.S. ZEBRA International” are located at the site of ZEBRA AD in Sofia.

A joint venture between ZEBRA AD and “Gummiwerk Kraiburg” for the production of precured heavy automotive treads was set up in 2001.

“Gummiwerk Kraiburg” is a successful company with a worldwide reputation in the rubber industry. The well trained and committed staff and the modern technology and equipment support have strengthened the position of the company as a leading manufacturer of goods made of rubber and recycled materials.

Guided by the motto - "Kraiburg- Hand-In-Hand in the Future", the company considers the new realities of unified Europe and endeavors for good presence on the newly opened markets. The result of this strategy and the continuing collaboration between “Gummiwerk Kraiburg Austria GmbH & Co.” and ZEBRA AD, resulted in the establishment of the joint venture "Kraiburg Bulgaria Plus Zebra AD". The enterprise is located in Sofia, Iliyantzi district, and operates on a production site which was previously owned by Zebra AD. "Kraiburg Bulgaria Plus Zebra AD" is ISO 9001:2000-certified firm.
Currently, “Gummiwerk Kraiburg Austria GmbH & Co.” is the main customer of "Kraiburg Bulgaria Plus Zebra AD".
Other customers of "Kraiburg Bulgaria Plus Zebra AD" include: "Medina Med", Bulgaria; "Vanina-Export", Bulgaria; "Fulda", Bulgaria; "Omnifak", Bulgaria; and "Mago-Pak ", Macedonia. The partners of "Kraiburg Bulgaria Plus Zebra AD" have gained their market shares by being successfully ISO-certified.
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