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Rubber Compounds
Technical Rubber Sheets
Rubber Floorings
Rubberized fabrics
Wrapped V-belts
Open end flat
transmission belts
Conveyor belts  
Solid rubber weight plates
for power lifting
Solid tires
Rubber-metal goods
Protection Means
Other articles
The basic groups of products manufactured by Zebra AD consist of:

(1) Wrapped v-belts (for equipment and manufactured with know-how technology from Gates Rubber
Co., USA);
(2) Technical rubber sheets floorings of different design and colors;
(3) Superelastic and press-on solid tires;
(4) Rubber products for general use or for special purposes;
(a) rubberized rollers;
(b) gas masks and filters;
(c) protective clothing; and
(d) wide range all rubber and rubber-metall goods.
The company is the only producer for most of these products in Bulgaria and this is one of its competitive advantages.

Major markets of the Company are the states of the EU and USA. The export share amounts to 60-70 % of the total sales, and the trend is for its further growth. The basic competitive advantage of the Company is the development of the innovation process trough creation of new products and enlarging of the already existing portfolio.

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