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CONVEYOR BELTS                                                       


ZEBRA AD manufactures light duty, cut edge conveyor belts designed to transport non-abrasive materials in bulk or packed goods.
The belts are made of plied up and cured together :
1. top cover smooth
2. carcass built of up to 4 textiles with one side rubber skim coat (3)
3. bottom cover/ rolling surface/
Depending on their purpose we produce:
) general purpose conveyor belts subdivided into:
- normal with top rubber cover type Z acc.DIN 22102T/91
- abrasion resistant with top rubber cover type Y acc.DIN 22102T/91
The general purpose belts a suitable for use at ambient temperature from - 25 C up to 60 C
b) special purpose conveyor belts
- cold-resistant(R type acc.DIN 22102T/91) for use in the temperature range - 40 C
- oil/fat -resistant( G type acc.DIN 22102T/91) the materials applied in the construction depend on the particular working conditions of the belt
Technical specifications:

1.Type of belt: 100, 125, 160 /tensile strength, N/mm-100; 125; 160/:
2.Type of textile : (polyamide/ polyamide) or (polyester/ polyamide) 100, 125, 160:
3. Cover thickness, mm:
- top cover - 3 or 4 mm
- bottom cover - 2 mm
Thickness of the rubber covers and total thickness of the belt other than the specified can be agreed.
4. Dimensions:
- number of plies: up to 4
- width, mm: from 300 up to 1000 / at an interval of 100 mm /
- thickness , mm: 5 up to 9
- length, m : up to 200 / the length is limited by the total weight of the belt . It can't exceed 1600 kg/
- weight, kg/m2
5. Packing : rolls tied with metal strip.

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