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PROTECTION MEANS                                                      


Used as floor coverings placed near high voltage electrical apparatus /up to 6 KV/ to provide personal protection for workers.

100% tested to 20 KV to comply with BDS 9914-80 /BS 921/specifications./ leakage current under 160 mA/m2/

Specification Dimensions, mm Appearance
Length Width Thickness Top Bottom Color
Insulating blanket not less than 750 not less than 750 not less than 5 ribbed plain light grey to beige, black
Insulating matting 6000* 900-1200 not less than 5 ribbed or plain plain
* The insulating matting can be cut to lengths per customer request.

Before use check carefully the surface of the articles for defects caused by improper transportation or storage. No cracks, holes or embedded foreign materials permissible.

For indoor use only. Do not use in rooms with high humidity.
Shelf time:– max. 2 years after the date of manufacture
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