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PROTECTION MEANS                                                       

The light protective clothing provides protection against aerosols, drop-liquid warfare poisonous agents and it also protects the skin from direct falls of radioactive substances, acids and alkalis.

The light protective clothing is produced of one side rubber coated fabric which protective action against warfare poisonous agents is over 60 minutes. The clothing is available in four sizes in a set with rubber gloves. The connective stitching are hermetic.
The light protective clothing allows three times decontamination.
The light protective clothing meets the requirement of EN 467.
Basic dimensions of one part light protective clothing
Length of the clothing, mm (± 20ìì) Length of the (trouser) leg, mm (± 10ìì) Length of the overshoes, mm (± 15) Width of the overshoes, mm
I 1700 790 332 130 ± 10
II 1750 810 342 135 ± 12
III 1800 840 352 140 ± 15
IV 1850 870 352 140 ± 15
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