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RUBBER-METAL GOODS                                                                        
The rubberized metal rollers are widely used in many branches of the industry:
- Paper and Graphic industry – for printing , laminating, coating or winding
- Packaging production- for traction, transport , guiding and printing,
- Plastic foil production and finishing - traction, transport, guide;
- Textile industry - for inking, printing, squeezing, dyeing and winding;
- Wood and furniture industry.- for traction, transport, guide, pressure, drive, varnishing

Depending on the rubber used in the roller covering we produce:
1. Rubberized rollers for conventional applications - intended for operation under normal condition and relatively low loads. Produced of compounds based on SBR, IR or NR or their blends.
2 .Rubberized rollers for special applications – intended for operation under heavy loads or in aggressive environment:
- Oil- and heat-resistant rollers – intended for operation in non-aromatic oils and solvents at working temperature up to 80?Ñ. Produced of compounds based on NBR or CR
- Abrasion-resistant rollers Produced of compounds based on NR/BR, BR/SBR;
- Acid–resistant rollers - produced of compounds based on ebonite or SBR compounds in the case for use in diluted acids

Hardness range of the rubber coverings:
- 35-60 Units Shore A,
- 60-95 Units Shore A,
- ebonite - over 7 kg/mm2 Brinell

Dimensions of the rollers to be rubberized:
a) max. length 5500 mm
b) max. diameter – 830 mm
c) max. thickness of the rubber ply - 25 mm/in the case of ebonite 15 mm/

Delivery form:
according to the surface finish
a) rough
b) grounded to a diameter according customers request/valid for rubberized rollers with:
max. diameter -380 mm and length under 2800mm.

Transportation – on wooden crates.

Store in cool, dark, ventilated rooms.
Avoid contact with hard, sharp-edged or pointed objects (above all do not drag rollers across the floor over the edges of the crates or parts of the machine)!
Shelf time – 1 year
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