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RUBBERIZED FABRICS                                                                 

The rubberized fabrics are intended for use in the manufacturing process of special working clothes, inflatable rubber goods and different technical articles.

Depending on the rubber compounds used, we produce:
• rubberized fabrics for general use and
• rubberized fabrics for special purposes - with reduced abrasion, heat- or cold-resistant, resistant to vegetable oils or animal fat, resistant to aggressive chemicals and others on customers request.
In the production of rubberized fabrics we apply:
1. Spreading - several coats /2-8/ with vulcanizable solution of rubber compound applied to the fabric by means of so called "doctor's" blade. There is an unsignificant increase in the thickness of the fabric when this method applied
2. Calendering, subdivided into :
a) Friction coating - impregnation of relatively soft and tacky rubber compound into the fabric. When a fabric frictioned its thickness in generally decreases.
b) Skim coating - 0.2 to 3 mm. coat of relatively firm rubber compound applied onto a fabric.
A fabric may one side or both sides rubberized using each of the above methods or their combinations.

Our compounds for rubbering are commonly black. Rubberizing of fabrics in color/white, beige, green, yellow, red, gray, blue/ may be made on customer request.
We can process woven fabrics, as well as cordfabrics with parameters as follows:
• Minimal thickness, mm.- 0.25
• Maximal diameter of the roll, mm- 1300
• Maximal weight of the roll, kg. - 900
• Maximal width of the textile to be rubberized - 1500 mm
• Maximal width of the rubberized textile to be vulcanized - 1360 mm
• Minimal quantity to be rubberized
- woven fabric - 20 m.
- cordfabric - 60 m.
The unvulcanized rubberized fabrics are wind up on rolls, insulated with plastic foil or textile.
• Maximal diameter of the roll, mm- 1000
• Maximal weight of the roll, kg. - 800
Transportation - If unvulcanized carry on crates, protected from direct sun light
Storage instructions:
Unvulcanized fabrics - store in cool places on crates, protected from direct sun light for a period not longer than :
- in summer -15 days after production date
- in winter 30 days after production date.
Vulcanized rubberized fabrics- to be stored at warehouse conditions not longer than 1 year after production date.
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