Rubber pads and mountings

Antivibration mount

Anti-vibration rubber mounts are used mainly in vibration isolation of mechanical equipment and HVAC applications. The mounts are suitable for erecting technical equipment, such as generators and turbines, in outdoors conditions.

Our anti-vibration mounts provide excellent protection from vibrations, reduction of structure-borne noise transmission and high load carrying capacity. Made out of a custom rubber compound, they can withstand pressures up to 10 tons without visual cracks and deformations. To ensure the sustainability of the mount and the equal distribution of loading forces, the rubber part is reinforced with a thick washer with galvanic coating.

The anti-vibrations mounts are tested in an accredited laboratory, following the ASTM D575:2018 testing method, at the maximum load of 10 000 kg.
Report: Anti-vibration mount for technical equipment – test

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