Fire flappers

Fire flappers are wildland firefighting tools, designed for extinguishing minor fires within a limited area. They work by cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire through light swatting motions.

Fire flappers is produced for putting down fire in low, field  and forest  vegetation.

Our fire flappers for putting down fires are well balanced, light (up to 2,5kg.) easy to use and with perfect force of the hit.

The flappers are made of:

  • easy to replace rubber plate, made of special rubber, which is resistant to fire. size 500 x 400 x 3mm
  • Two pcs of woden plated 500 x 30mm
  • woden stick – 1500mm long

Storage period indoors: 2 years from the expedition, if all storage requirements of BDS 2230 are strictly followed.

Results from fire fighting depend on the intensity of the hits (recommended is 1 to 2 hits per second).

Additional information for the fire flappers could be found in the video bellow:

Video: https://btvnovinite.bg/videos/news/geroite-na-rado-inzh-stefcheva-i-nejnite-uredi.html

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