Traffic facilities

Flexible rubber trapeze

Rubber trapeze is maily used for temporary marking of roads, separating constraction areas, walking areas and others conected to traffic organisation


The trapeze is produced from vulcanized rubber with high elasticity. Resistant to deformations from passing road vehicles. Regains its vertical position. There are six glued reflective plates class 1 or 2 (three on each side). The trapeze is placed in a base produced from black color rubber. Easy to install and remove thanks to the specific adhesive. It is resistant to impact and smashing.


The trapeze is intended to indicate the dividing line on roadways and temporary road obstacles.

Mechanical characteristics:

An article produced from a rubber with  high elasticity, which allows to restore its shape  if fit by vehicle.

More information:

The positioning of the trapeze must be as follow: for straight section is 12 meters and 5 meters at curve; in a populated area the interval between them is reduced by half, unless a different distance is required depending on the peculiarities of the road conditions and the traffic. The trapeze is used to signal areas when performing road maintenance activities, but not more than two days.

Sizes: The rubber trapezes are produced in the following DIMENSIONS.

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