PG-1 Gas Mask

The PG-1 gas mask was developed and is manufactured exclusively by Zebra AD. Our gas masks offer complete protection of the respiratory organs, face and digestive tract against the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses, aerosols, poisonous substances and radioactive dust.

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Zebra AD has been supplying the Bulgarian military and citizens with gas masks for over 40 years now. Gas mask PG-1 was developed by our technical specialists at the start of the 1980s and we’ve been the sole manufacturer ever since.

Our PG-1 masks have Ø40 mm filter opening (Rd 40 x 1/7”) with EN 148-1 standardized threading, which accommodates various EN 14387 filters. The choice of filter depends on the type of protection needed – against the harmful effects of bacteria, viruses, poisonous substances, radioactive dust, ammonia, gases, etc. We equip our gas masks with combined filters manufactured by the Czech company MPL: Combined filter T25 – ABEK2Hg P3 R and Particulate filter T30 – P3 R.

The masks have a special diaphragm that enables voice communication. They are easy to adjust and comfortable to wear thanks to the five point harness of elasticated head straps. The mask material is non-allergenic and doesn’t cause skin irritations.

Each PG-1 set includes:
● facial gas mask
● combined filter canister
● carry/storage bag

Our gas masks are available in 3 sizes – 1 for children and 2 for adults:
Gas Mask PG-1 – Size Chart

Technical parameters of the PG-1 gas masks:
● inhalation resistance: ≤ 0,4 μbar at 30 l/min
● exhalation resistance: ≤ 1 μbar at 30 l/min
● oil mist penetration coefficient: ≤ 0,0001 % at oil fog concentration of 2500 mg/m³
● using time: ≥ 4 hours
● field of vision: ≥ 70 %

The shelf life of our gas masks is 10 years (if storage instructions are observed); the shelf life of the filters is 5/10 years, depending on the type of filter.

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