Light Protective Clothing – LPC

Our Light-duty Protective Clothing (LPC) offers protection against dust, aerosols and liquid poisonous substances. It also protects the skin from direct contact with radioactive substances, acids and alkalies, for improved safety during specialized industrial tasks. Our commercial customers utilize the LPC mostly in the mining industry; our private customers often use it for gardening (e.g. treating trees with pesticides).

The coveralls are made of rubber coated fabric, resistant to poisonous gasses and liquids. They conform to the standards for chemical protective clothing as specified in the EN 465 and EN 466. The suits feature overalls with integrated rubber shoes and hood. The connective stitching is hermetically sealed. The hood, cuffs and waist are elasticated for optimum fit. A zip front closure with covering flap provides additional protection against snagging and possible contamination.

Light Protective Clothing (LPC) – Size Chart

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