PVC heterogenic flooring

PVC floorings are one of the most common salutions of all kind of accomodations.


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Heterogenic PVC floorings are with universal use. They are made of four different layers:

  • first one is transparent, protective layer that is responsible for the wear resistance;
  • second layer is the decorative one, which is responsible for the estetic variety;
  • third layer is the foam which is responsible for the comfort of  intensive use;
  • fourth layer is the bottom layer which is responsible for the strong connection between the flooring and different bases.

This floorings are easy for laying in all kind of accommodation like:

  • Offices;
  • Sport halls;
  • Houses;
  • Shops;
  • Schools;
  • ect.

where the external vision is needed, conbined with high wear resistance and easy maintenance.

The flooring is reinforced with protective layer from transparent PVC material, which is resistant to aging, high wear, frequent cliening and scratching. The protective layer has 0.55 to 0.70 mm of thikness, which garantes the sustainable use and the long life cycle.

Beneath the protective layer is the decorative layer, which is easily implemenented in any interior design thanks to the interesting variety of patterns. Advantages and the price range of the PVC floorings make them highly sutable for accomodations with intensive use, quick and low budget solution for rental accomodations, accomodations with high pollution and such with need for frequent meintenance. The foam layer  softence each interaction with the flooring and creat the feeling for smoot and soft walking on the surface, as well as it reduces the nose from walking, slipping or other interactions with the flooring. Bottom layer is made of textile which helps improve the strong connection between the flooring and different bases.


Width: 2000 mm

Weight: 2.6 kg./m2

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