Rubber pads and mountings

Rubber Bushings

Rubber bushings are a type of vibration isolator that provides a flexible interface between two rigid parts. They act as a buffer that allows a limited amount of movement between the parts, thus minimizing vibration and noise. They make great shock absorbers, vibration isolators and abrasion resistors.

Rubber bushings are widely used fore erection of technical equipment, their main application is agricultural industry, where they are mounted on multifunctional  modules, ground-processing systems and other agricultural equipment. In working conditions the bushings are exposed to extreme vibrations in axial and radial directions, external weather conditions (sunlight, rain, cold and hot weather, aging etc.). Thanks to the special rubber compound they are made of, we get magnificent testing results in all working conditions.

Rubber bushing are produced in five standard dimensions:

(outer diameter / internal diameter / hight)

30 mm / 10 mm / 39 mm
40 mm / 14 mm / 39 mm
40 mm / 17 mm / 39 mm
40 mm / 21 mm / 39 mm
43 mm / 21 mm / 38 mm

Standard dimensions of the bushing make them one of  our most universal products, which are widely used for domestic and industrial purposes.
For bigger quantities it is possible to produce different from standard sizes.



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