Rubber pads and mountings

Rubber Bushings

Rubber bushings are a type of vibration isolator that provides a flexible interface between two rigid parts. They act as a buffer that allows a limited amount of movement between the parts, thus minimizing vibration and noise. They make great shock absorbers, vibration isolators and abrasion resistors.

Our rubber bushings are used mainly in the agricultural industry, where they help reduce operational vibrations and noise within various pieces of heavy plant, which in turn helps to improve machine usability and service life, while simultaneously reducing maintenance frequency and requirements.

The bushings are also commonly used as fasteners in the installation of air-conditioning units.

We offer our rubber bushings in 5 standard sizes:
outer diameter / inner diameter / height
30 mm / 10 mm / 39 mm
40 mm / 14 mm / 39 mm
40 mm / 17 mm / 39 mm
40 mm / 21 mm / 39 mm
43 mm / 21 mm / 38 mm

Custom sizes are also available on request.

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