Diamond Shape Rubber Flooring

Rubber floorings are among the most versatile and durable flooring choices for domestic and industrial purposes. Comfortable and long lasting, with inherent slip-resistance, sound and impact absorption, and thermal insulating properties, they are a safe choice for homes and commercial spaces alike.

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Diamond shape rubber flooring is suitable for accomodations, where the risk of slipping due to water or other liquids has to be minimized. It is produced of 100% syntethic (SBR) rubber with 65-80 hardness Sh A, based on customer demand.

The rubber flooring is widely used. Based on the SBR rubber, which is economical and long lasting with excellent resistance to abrasion. This material could be used in a wide range of industrial applications and solutions.

It is also suitable for areas with high intensity of traffic like a: shopping centers, schools, hospitals, ports, public tansport, sport halls and facilities, public buildings, etc. Mounting and maintaining is easy.

Flooring is 3±0,4mm thick, 120±4 cm wide and 10 m long (roll). Standard colours available are black and gray, it could also be produced in different colours, pointed by the client.

The tolerances of the dimensions comply with ISO 3302.

DIAMOND SHAPE – technical data sheet

Our rubber floorings are SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) based and have good resistance to diluted acids, alkalies and salts. They may be manufactured with improved oil-resistance on customer request. The Shore A hardness can be 65 up to 80. Recommended for indoor use only, at temperatures from -10°С up to +70°С.

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