Rubber pads and mountings

Rubber Pads 1000×1000

Rubber pads can be placed under various electrical appliances to absorb vibrations, reduce noise and protect your floor.

Our rubber plates are made of hard  synthetic rubber with high wear and impact resistance. This makes them perfect for protecting the flooring in gyms and sport halls (especially in the zones with free weights like crossfit halls), where the plates are being used for absorbing the impacts.

Advantages for using them are:

  • High level of wear and low maintenance
  • Resistant to moisture and water
  • Resistant to molding
  • High elasticity
  • Long lasting

Another popular use for the rubber plates is to be used as antivibration and sound-absorbing plates below washing machines and dryers with high level of vibrations and noise while working.

Instalation is quick and easy – plates are heavey and the rubber material with its natural resistance of slipping, ensures additional stabiliry. They can be put on the desired place even without adhesives or erection components.

Rubber plates come in several standard dimensions: SIZES OF RUBBER PLATES 

Temperature scope of work of this rubber is between -20 / +70 оС and hardness 65±5 ShA

Based on customer demands, these plates could be produced with different sizes (but not more than 100cm). it is also possible to be produced with different material (resistant to oil, acids, abrasion, etc.)

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