Traffic facilities

Rubber pedestrian crossing

Rubber pedestrain crossing templates garanting long lasting, exelent optical visibility, good traction and modularity elements, which help form the final pedestrian crossing acording to road dimensions.

Product description : Rubber pedestrian crossing is produced with rubber compound with high elasticity. It is made of module elements, resistant to impact and deformation from passing vehicles. The end elements of the pedestrian crossing are with texture, while central elements are natural black block elements and block elements with special reflecting cover.

Top surface of the elements that are not covered with this special reflecting cover has texture, which helps friction between the element and car tires, while bottom side of the elements is configured to drain the water.

Separate elements of the pedestrian crossing ease its transportation, assembling and disassembling. Its structure allows it to be assembled on all types of terrains.

Fastening on the road surface is done by bolts HBR 10-100


Pedestrain crossing affects with the force, proportionate to the speed  of the vehicle. This way it encourages the drivers to slow down their speed, without leading to unfavorable consequences, especially to the two wheel vheicles. Pedestrain crossing ensures the safety of the crossing persons in the living areas, in front of schools, hospitals and areas with high concentration crossing persons. Advantages: – rubber compound extends the life cycle of the elements, – The texture surface increases the safety, by ensuring excellent traction with vehicle tires; – all module elements are easy for assembling and mounting.

Additional information: Module elements, which complete the pedestrian crossing, has to be well fastened to the road surface with bolts, so that we to avoid displacement and disassembly.

Sizes: Rubber pedestrian crossings that we present come two main dimentions – 3cm. and 7cm. height. Sizes of the separate moduls can be seen HERE.

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