Traffic facilities

Rubber cylinder with base

Rubber cylinders are used for temporary road marking for not more than two days. They are clearly visible on the road and thanks to the material that made of, they are harmless for all traffic participants.

Product description:

Cylinder is produced with rubber compound with high elasticity. It is resistant to impact and deformations from passing vehicles. It recovers its shape and position. The cylinder part is painter with special red cover, which is resistant to atmospheric conditions and aging. There are 3 reflector stickers class 1 or class 2 for improving the visibility cylinder is placed on the base, which is produced with the same rubber compound and is with natural black color. The base has the shape and surface for fastening to the road surface and ensure high stability in vertical position to the attached cylinder.


The purpose of the cylinder is to mark and separate the lines of traffic and marking of temporary traffic obstacles.

Mechanical parameters:

The cylinders are produced with rubber compound with high elasticity, which allows it to recover its shape from passing vehicles.

 Sizes: Rubber cylinders come in the following DIMENSIONS.

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