Solid press-on tires

Solid Press-On Tires

Solid press-on tires are specifically designed with material-handling vehicles in mind and are ideal for forklift trucks, side-loading forklifts, platform trucks and other industrial vehicles. 

Solid Press-On Tires are produced with the metal ring on the inner diameter, ready to be mounted.

They are being used on the drive and also on the free wheels of the carriges, as they ensure the safe transportation of  big loads.

Solid tires are used for three main reasons:

  1. Comfort of the driver of the carrige – easy for turning and stable at maximum speed.
  2. Efficiency – equal wear of the tire.
  3. Long life cycle – solid profile of the tire does not allow it to blow and thanks to the metal ring we avoid separation and destruction of the rubber.

We offer mounting of the tires at our site.

For sizes and technical parameters, please look at the following link: Solid tires: dimensions and load bearing capacity

These tires should not be used at polluted areas that contain oil, greases, because the material they are made of will be destroyed.

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