Traffic facilities

Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are traffic management devices that slow vehicle speed along certain street sections in order to improve safety conditions. They are most commonly used near shopping malls, schools, hospitals, housing estates, office car parks and any other areas where speed-calming is required for the protection of pedestrians.

Our speed bumps are made of а custom rubber compound with very high resistance to abrasion and harsh meteorological conditions, ensuring longevity and low maintenance frequency. The circular design and the natural vibration and noise absorption of the material work together to make our bumps much quieter than the more traditional concrete options. Their modularity is another advantage, as it allows for the individual bumps to be mounted a certain distance apart, providing easier passing for emergency vehicles.

The speed bumps are available in black/yellow color combination for optimal visibility; the yellow (top) part is light-reflective. Each item has a diameter of 230 mm, a height of 40 mm and a weight of 1,3 kg.

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