Rubber sheets and rubber floorings

Technical rubber sheets

We produce a wide variety of technical rubber sheets, based on various polymers: SBR, NBR, EPDM and combinations between them. Thanks to their high versatility, our rubber sheets can offer the best solution for any sealing, insulation or protection need, even in the most demanding industrial environments.

SBR​ (styrene butadiene rubber) is one of the best options when applied to general purposes. It has good abrasion resistance and very good resilience. Our SBR sheets are suitable for production of gaskets, mats, conveyor belt covers and friction-minimizing elements. The softer SBR sheets are highly customizable – they can be easily cut into different shapes and applied as needed at home, at the office or in an industrial setting.

NBR​ (acrylonitrile butadiene rubber) has high resistance to oil, fuel, lubricants and fats. NBR sheets are often used in the automotive industry – for production of gaskets, membranes, and amortization parts for engines. They can also be utilized in the food processing and health industries.

EPDM (​ethylene-propylene-diene monomer) is highly resistant to ageing when exposed to aggressive external conditions: UV rays, ozone, heat or low temperatures. EPDM sheets are most often used in construction (e.g. as rubber roofing), the marine and automotive industries (e.g. as window sealing strips in vehicles), and for general outdoor applications.

Abrasion resistant sheets​ – based on a mix of SBR and BR-cis elastomers, those sheets have excellent mechanical properties, making them especially useful in environments subject to heavy wear due to friction, constant exposure to impact or direct contact with abrasive elements. They’re commonly used as sheeting for heavy duty impacts in areas like civil engineering and construction works. Another popular application is as protective linings in transportation vehicles, carrying abrasive products like rocks, wood and other construction materials.

Acid-resistant sheets​ – based on EPDM or а mixture of IR-cis and BR-cis elastomers. Those sheets are used to produce insulating joints and coatings for protecting environments in the chemical industry.

For additional technical data, please check the following leaflets:
General purpose technical rubber sheets
Special purpose technical rubber sheets

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