Fender buffers

Fender buffers

Fender buffers are most often mounted on loading ramps, to protect the ramp and the transportation vehicles during loading/unloading activities.

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Rubber buffers are with general use for loading ramps. They are mounted on a steel constractions, specialy designed for warehouse ports. Their purpose is to protect the buildings and the steel constructions.

Buffers have to  be mounted and adjusted at a certant height, so that they can hold a potential strike from a vehicle, as they are developed to withstend heigh pressure loads and movements of truck traillers.

Rubber buffers are widely used, thanks to their standart dimensions and simple design, which helps to be easely mounted.


  • High resistaned and guaranteed safety;
  • Easy assembly and minimal maintenance;
  • Long life cycle and resistant to external weather conditions;

We produce the rubber buffers in the following DIMENSIONS:

Rubber compound that we use for the buffers has the following technical parameters:

  • Hardness – 70±5 ShA
  • Elasticity – 23 – 30%
  • Abrasion – up to 200 mm3

Erection holes of all buffers are reinforced with galvized steel washers (except for buffer 140, which can  also be produced without reinforcing washers) for sustainable fastening. In buffer 70 we have additional inforcement with metal tubes.

Buffers could be produced with different rubber compaunt (with different technical parameters), shape and sizes based on customer demands.

Storage period – 2 years from date of  production when following term of storage.

This post is also available in: Български (Bulgarian)

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